About the Undersecretariat of Middle Education

The Undersecretariat of Middle Education (SEMS), is a branch office of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), responsible for the creation of policies and standards related with the planning, the organizing and the academic and administrative evaluation of Middle Education in its different types and modalities, oriented on the principles of equity and quality, at the Federal and State levels, to provide educational development alternatives consistent with the economic, political, social, cultural and technological environment of the nation.

The Undersecretary has the faculties to, among others, plan, schedule, organize, manage, and evaluate the activities of the administrative units assigned to this Undersecretariat, according to the instructions given by the Secretary of Education; each one of these administrative units is in charge of the management, assistance and coordination of a group of institutions.


The Undersecretariat of Middle Education (SEMS) was created on January 22 2005, when the internal rules of procedure of SEP, published on January 21 in the Official Federal Gazette (DOF), came into effect

The precedents to the SEMS are the Department of Technical Industrial and Commercial Education (1923), the Undersecretariat for Technical and Higher Education (1958) and the Undersecretariat of Education and Technological Research (SEIT) (1978), that disappeared during the SEP reorganization in 2005.

The internal rules of procedure stated that SEP must have an internal control office, 39 administrative units and 9 decentralized branch offices, which included the reduction from five to three undersecretariats: Higher Education, Middle Education and Basic Education.

Subsequently, by means of agreement 351 published in the DOF on February 4, 2005, the general directions of Industrial Technologic Education (DGETI), of Agricultural Technologic Education (DGETA), of Education in Science and Technology of the Sea (DGECyTM), of Baccalaureate (DGB), of Centers for Employment Training (DGCFT) and Technical Secondary Education (DGEST), were ascribed to the SEMS.

Except for  DGB, the general directions and the Council for the National System of Technological Education (COSNET), belonged to SEIT. The reorganization of SEP included the creation of a General Direction for Technologic Higher Education - formerly General Direction of Technologic Institutes - where higher technological education schools in agricultural, forestry, and marine science issues, and technologic institutes, were brought together, under the accountability of the Undersecretary of Higher Education. The COSNET changed its name to Sectorial Coordination of Academic Development (COSDAC by its Spanish acronym) and continues ascribed to the SEMS.

The General Direction of Secondary Technical Education was reassigned to the Federal Administration of Educational Services in the Federal District - previously an undersecretariat- in accordance with the established in the Decree on Amendments to the internal rules of procedure of the SEP, published on October 11, 2006 in the DOF.


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